Sponsors Page

Naturally, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have, if not for the help of our sponsors. They have been generous and dedicated to our team for which we are very thankful. Since they are a part of Swim Team, they deserve to be mentioned and talked about.  We hope to continue our cooperation with every one of our sponsors since they are serious, professional and supportive.

Prep Sportswear

They have been working since 2003 and they expanded to a variety of markets. With them, you get a chance to customize and personalize your product. Whatever you think of, they will make it for you. You can support your favorite team with a specially customized t-shirt or a whole outfit.


Water is the healthiest thing out there, but it is something we can’t live without. We were more than happy to have a bottled water company as one of our sponsors. They purify their water just like nature does. The process they used is vapor distillation.


If you need any kind of swimwear, they have it. They support fitness and aquatics, thus they are sponsors for many others. Their brand is popular and their products are quality proof.