How Has Being A Member Of Swim Team Affected My Life?

As a member of Swim Team, I became more aware of everything. It taught me about health, activities, support and hard work. Since I was a child, I loved swimming. Thus, naturally, one day I decided to join a team. Before, I was never a part of something. I swam because I enjoyed it. People around me noticed that I had the potential to be good, so they advised me to register for this team. As you can guess, I did.

Still, it didn’t seem like a big change to me. After some time, I realized that I’ve changed – for the better.

Team Support

Swimming is an individual sport, but that doesn’t mean you are alone. In fact, I was never alone. When I would compete, my other team members would cheer for me. The ones with more experience would give advice and share their stories.


It is a comfortable and safe zone with caring and supportive friends. They give you the courage that you need. With their help, I became a better swimmer and a better person. Somehow, I felt we became a family. Nowadays, I don’t play just for myself, I play for the whole team instead.


As I mentioned previously, people noticed my talent. I also thought that I was good. After joining Swim Team I realized how much I had yet to achieve. My technique got better over time. Also, with a lot of practice, my speed almost doubled. I was unaware of so much. Luckily, it changed when a got professional coaches with real experience. They knew how to inspire me with the right words. I owe a lot to them, because they showed me how to improve.


They are also very understanding and supportive. I expected them to be harsher, but I liked how wrong I was. I am not saying that don’t have authority, they certainly do. What I am trying to say is they have a way with the members. Once they were in our position, so they understand how we think and what we want. We are not different than they were.